Hi ppp, sorry it’s abit long I really want to give my daughter my surname when …


Hi ppp, sorry it’s abit long
I really want to give my daughter my surname when I register her. Me and her dad are still together but we don’t live together and we only see him maybe 3 times a week, when I was pregnant with her he wasn’t happy about it at all and was not supportive of me during it at all and told me countless of times that he didn’t want to be a dad. But now that she’s here he loves her and says he helps out when he comes to stay which he doesn’t he’s changed 1 nappy and gave a handful of bottles since she was born (5 weeks ago) he’s yet to even buy her milk or nappies, he bought the odd baby grow when I was pregnant. Also his family don’t really bother with the baby not bought her a thing and make next to no effort to see her. So I feel like why should I call her that name when it’s me and my family who have done everything for her bought everything that she needs and see her every single day. I want to explain this to my boyfriend but he just doesn’t understand and just thinks that I obviously don’t want to be with him, which I’m 90% sure I do but part of me just wants to be on my own with her because I practically am as it is. We just have a love hate relationship and I can’t see us ever getting married which is why I want her named after me but I can’t explain all this without it turning into a massive argument 🙈 has anyone been in this situation? What did u end up calling your baby I don’t want to feel pressured into naming her something I don’t want. Tia x



  1. I was in the same situation didn’t live together and my boyfriend didn’t like through out the whole pregnancy that our son was having my last name we had loads of arguments about it I felt the same as you though about the fact that we will never get married so I gave him my surname and it doesn’t bother him because he knows it’s his name he will even call him it as a nickname so I’m sure your boyfriend will understand x

  2. Give her your last name and tell him when he wants to man up and be her daddy and make a commitment to you, you’ll give her his name.
    You’re her main caregiver, provider and mummy. Do what’s best for you and her!

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