Hiya, can I get a ppp? Thankyou xx Sensitive story. I think I may have HPV and …


Hiya, can I get a ppp? Thankyou xx

Sensitive story.
I think I may have HPV and think I could have had it before my kids as I’ve only ever been with their dad since having them and yes I know for 100% he’s only been with me too. (He hasn’t slept with anyone else I’ve been with him really since school but on and off and he was never like that)
Anyway long story short. I’m really embarrassed to say this and I’ve been crying all morning. My partner has a wart on his penis and has had it for a while now. At first it looked like a spot so wasn’t worried but now it’s defiantly a wart. I thought it was just a random wart as he had one on his hand years ago so maybe got it through you know what. So anyway, it’s all come to light on me now as I’ve just done some research as I went to the doctors thinking I have a water infection but had the all clear, I’m getting lower abdominal pains had them for the past week and today they are rather bad. I also have had 6 wees in the last half hour and this isn’t normal for me. I’m too young for a smear im 21 and really worried I have caught HPV from years and years ago as my partner has a wart it’s just clicked… I haven’t been with anyone for 4/5 years so I’m thinking surely if I had HPV I would have known before now? I’m so upset I didn’t have a clue? What do I do? Has anyone been in my situation? PleasE don’t judge me i feel so bad already.



  1. Go to your gp and get your partner too also. They can treat it if it is although there is no cure. A wary on his hand would not cause hpv that is a different strain of warts so if he has it it is through sex. But many people have it and they do not know about it for years some people never know. It may be a cyst or something else he has and u may have a uti. Best to head to the doctors and find out for sure.

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