Hiya can I have a post please? I don’t know what I’m looking for here maybe a bi…

Hiya can I have a post please? I don’t know what I’m looking for here maybe a bit of reassurance , my daughter is 3 next month …we’ve recently moved house (3 weeks ago) and she’s really not been herself , during this move she was in the car with her dad parked up waiting for me outside a shop and another car hit ours sideways on and rote our car off , every since she’s suffered anxiety …exepecially when her dad leaves the room she’s normally very bubbly and fine when we go to work ect now he can’t even use to bathroom without her having a meltdown , ….fast forward to Christmas Day she didn’t seem her self she seemed tired cranky not eating so I though she was coming down with something but then picked up a lot in herself over the next few days so I started to second guess if she was ill as she just decided she was on hunger strike… she doesn’t stop talking her vocab is brilliant so can talk to her about what’s up but when asking why she’s not eating she’s just crying saying ‘I don’t know’ , now I know for a fact she is very taken to docs theyv just pretty much said come back next week if still same 😩🙈…I started her on lactalose last night and hoping for a result and hoping that amends then sudden stop in eating as where on day 10 now it’s exhausting and stressful to the point where I’m not sleeping properly.. 😞 so I guess my questions are ….do kiddies stop eating when constipated? …. how long does it take to settle after moving house ? And does everyone think the anxiety is related to the crash? (Only minor injuries to husband)….. I hate seeing her like this 😞she’s always been a picky eater due to problems and having an op last year on her tongue however she eats what she likes very well if that makes sense? She’s 3 and bang on 3 stone and very tall so she’s got a healthy build , not petite but no chubby, but to sudden stop eating I’m literally at my wits end in tears, tia xx


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