Hiya, Can I have a Pp please? I need you all to tell me if I’m being unreasona…


Hiya, Can I have a Pp please?

I need you all to tell me if I’m being unreasonable…
For weeks now I’ve been planning on going Christmas shopping to another town (about 45 mins drive) from 11.am till 5.pm, I’ve asked my childrens dad if he can watch them and for weeks that has been the plan. Now the times come he is adamant that he cannot watch them unless he comes to my house, he has his own house but his bedroom is out of bounds, not that the kids would be in there anyway. I will not let him come to my house because every time he is here it’s a fight to get him to leave again. He’s just avoided prison for assaulting me last year and any time we bicker he will always bring up things from my past to hurt me, he will also take any opportunity he can to find things out about my life so I’m 100% certain he would snoop if he was here alone. I think it’s understandable why I don’t want him in my house, but his words are ‘why should I do you any favours when you can’t even let me see my kids’. FAVOUR!! Looking after his own children is him doing me a favour! I also let him see them whenever he wants but he always has some excuse not to see them. Sorry for the long post ladies but I’m ready to loose the plot!



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