Hiya can I have a ppp? ..My daughters father has just moved into his girlfriends…


Hiya can I have a ppp? ..My daughters father has just moved into his girlfriends house where she lives with her family because he had to move out of his flat, they have been together 6 months and I’m fine with it now. Although I feel it’s strange that my daughters going to be going there and meeting a whole new family who is irrelevant to her, I’m concerned she’s going to be confused and wonder why she’s going there because we have both got big’ish families as it is so she already has to remember a lot of different people. She loves seeing her daddy but I just don’t know how to feel about her going to another family’s house, I don’t want to stop him from seeing her because I know he will take her there even if I told him not to. What do you all think?



  1. There isn’t really a lot you can do I’m afraid. When he has her it’s down to him where he takes her and who he introduces her to. If he isn’t putting her in danger you can’t just stop contact because you don’t like who she’s meeting when she’s with her dad

  2. My children have an amazing dad and ‘other mum’, her family know and love our children like their own. I know they are surrounded by love when with them and I couldn’t be happier xx

  3. Trust him if he’s a good dad to do his best for her, he wouldn’t hurt her or put her in harms way if he’s as good as your putting him across, yes its more faces, more “friends” id tell myself x

  4. The whole family wont be completely irrelevant to her, my partners daughters absolutely love my sister and they always have a little chat to my mum or dad when they see them 😊

  5. Sorry to sound harsh and your just looking out for your daughter but what happens when you meet someone new and want to introduce your daughter to your new partners family- you can’t because they’re enough people for her to remember. If you make it difficult for him he will make it difficult for you in the future

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