HMRC Scam Please Be Vigilant

SCAM!!!!! BE VIGILANT!!!! Just thought I would share this so nobody falls into the same trap that we almost did!! 😳😳 Both myself and my ex partner simultaneously received a letter from what appears to be HMRC saying that we owe a tax credit overpayment of over £800 from 2015!!!

It wasn’t until we got together and looked into it further that we noticed some VERY discreet discrepancies that we realised we had almost been scammed!!!!! These included them being printed on page 1of 4 and 3 of 4 meaning two of the pages were missing.

The address has only two lines, was not written in line with every other hmrc letter ever received. They have not provided the same details that hmrc puts as standard on all of their letters, and finally, the phone number provided (the one they presume people will just call in a blind panic without thinking and pay up on!) does not correspond with any number of hmrc’s. After some research into the phone number itself, we realised it is in fact a scam.

This is scary because we are neither old or vulnerable!!!! We are people in their 20s who are very savvy to this kind of thing and yet we were almost duped!!!! 😳😳 This letter is VERY convincing so please check them carefully and contact hmrc using the number on their website (NOT THE LETTER!) if you are in doubt. I just know there are a lot of people being scammed out of their money over the next few weeks 😢😢

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