I Am A Throw Away Friend 


I am a throw away friend.
I am a friend who is convenient for your needs, be it taking you out places in my car, looking after your children on a regular basis, loaning you money and always being there for you.

But I am a throw away friend in your eyes, I will only be there when it is convenient for you, I will not be a priority over your other friends.

I have only recently discovered how many of my friends saw me as a throw away friend.

My first sign was when a “friend” whom I had cared for her young child twice a week whilst she trained in her chosen career invited all but me to her wedding, oh I was invited to the evening but not to the main event her reasoning oh I thought it wouldn’t be your scene.

Another “friend” I transport her child to a netball club every Wednesday, her daughter and mine are close friends but she is not invited to the sleepover next week, why you may ask? Well my daughter is a fussy eater. Hmmm ok then.

Unless I can do something for these people I am of no use, I am the throw away friend.

Thankfully I am growing up, I no longer care how many friends I have as long as I have REAL friends. 

Please don’t be the throw away friend, it is a hard place to be. Remember, not everyone has the same heart as you.

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