I Am Not A Pervert For Sleeping With My Son

I am not a pervert for sleeping with my son

My darling boy is 12 years old, it has just been me and him since he was 6 months old after his father passed away from Cancer, my son Sean  is the apple of my eye, my hero and my reason to get up every morning, we are very close and the love I have for him is unreal.

Sean is a sensitive lad and still suffers from nightmares/terrors, he is scared to be on his own at night.

You see three years ago we had a burglary and it shook my son to the core, so he gets in my bed every night, we do have a quick cuddle but then he sleeps on his side and me on mine, sometimes we will lay awake chatting about life, it’s one of the few times in the day where I have his undivided attention.

I personally don’t see the issue with Sean sleeping in my bed with me, there is nothing sexual in it, it is purely a scared boy and a supportive strong mum keeping one another safe and my boy feeling secure and comforted.

My own mother, my sons grandmother has had the bloody nerve to call me a pervert for sleeping in the same bed as my flesh and blood, she has told me if we don’t stop she will inform the school and social services and will seek custody of Sean.

My mum says it is unhealthy for my son, that I’m going to emotionally scar him plus he will grow up to be a mummy’s boy, she says it is not normal and it has to stop now.

Sleeping in the same bed as your child is not wrong and any one who thinks it is the perverted one, my mum can call social services for all I care I am not doing anything wrong


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Author: XGemx

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