I Finally Found The Strength To Leave Him

I finally found the strength to leave him. He’s been abusing me for the almost 2 years we’ve been together. The first time was because he couldn’t find his controller and this last time was because I went out on a Saturday night and went to a bar he doesn’t like and didn’t text back for 26 minutes.

This is what it looks like when you’re woken up being beaten. This is what a skull fractured in 4 areas looks like. This is what somebody with bleeding on their brain from being hit so hard looks like after being held in a corner and beaten continuously.

If you’re being abused just know he will NEVER get better…. nothing you say or do will make them change… I spent months dealing with the mental attacks. “you’re fat”, “ you’re nothing” “you’re ugly and nobody will ever want you”. All the way to since I lost my baby I failed life and would never be worthy enough for love.

This escalated to him hitting me more and more. He’ll pretend he’s sorry & shower you with words of love and gifts. hell, he’ll even visibly show his supposed change just to get that hold back over your head for a week or two but he’ll always be the same. He wasn’t always terrible. He showed love and happiness but if he can hit you once it’ll escalate and continue happening.

I miss the old him that I knew. The one that loved unconditionally and made me melt with one look. The one that made me feel so good about myself and beautiful but I’m here instead moving back into my moms because the cops can’t find him to serve a restraining order and I have no idea where he is to get him off the sts away from me.

Yes I left him and yes I’m scared he’ll come retaliate but I’m SO proud and happy I left… if you’re being abused please leave. There are people there for you, don’t stay out of loniness ‘cause ya know what??? Being lonely is better than being dead. Not seeking pity or attention either I just need People to know it’s not just them and there is a way out.

Kelly Kennedy


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