I Hate School What Is It Teaching Me-Nothing!

I hate school – and no it’s not because ‘i’m a teenager’ and don’t like waking up at 7:00am every morning, it’s because the school system isn’t about learning anymore, it’s about passing. Pretty much every teenager ever is so stressed out about school that they suffer with mental health issues, fake illnesses and even try to kill themselves but yet nobody has thought to themselves “maybe our system is flawed” and instead given teenagers the reputation of ‘kids that are lazy and selfish’ like whats up with that?

I mean, who really cares about finding the area of a stupid triangle? Teach me how to raise a family, drive a car, get a job, pay bills and LIVE A HAPPY LIFE! I’m forced to sit in a classroom for 6 hours straight and learn about things that I’m not interested in and will probably never use in my life after my exams. And what really annoys me is that teachers don’t understand that some students suffer from mental health disorders like social anxiety and force them to talk in class for a high-grade, or that some students suffer with depression and teachers just assume they are moody and negative all the time.

Students are in tears every single night and wake up every single morning wanting to throw up at the thought of going to school, thinking that they’d rather be dead than go to school. How is that fair? The fact that i have to choose between my grades and my health is really messed up. X

India Gallowayy

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