I Personally Think I’m A Perfect Mother

I Personally Think I'm A Perfect Mother

I personally think I’m a perfect mother. Why do I think that? Because my child is happy, fed, watered and healthy. The mum who lives across the road, her kids are also healthy happy fed and watered. So she’s a perfect mother.

I can’t stand pierced ears on babies as to me it’s cruel. And yes secretly I’d be a bit judgy but I would not go out of my way to push my views on people. But I also don’t like kids with great big bows on their head, kids in track suits or little girls in totally inappropriate clothes (hot pants and cropped tops). But would I force my opinion? No!!! Cos it’s none of my fucking business how others raise their children!

My son has a happy meal now and then. He loves watching tv. He wears the same pjs for more than one night if they are perfectly clean still. He also has on more than one occasion heard me swear and runs around copying for example yesterday I hit my head and said oh cock. He ran around saying cock cock cock. (We managed to pass it off as clock😂) But he also loves walking for miles through the countryside, loves trying new foods, is so polite when meeting new people. So I don’t think I’m doing a bad job.

And when the judgy mcjudgeface fuckers come along and tell you that you’re a shit parent it’s almost enough to make yourself doubt those snotty kisses, the times where only a hug from mummy will do, and all those giggles over fart noises. But no, I am a perfect mother to MY SON. And if others don’t like how I parent, then quite frankly my dear, I DONT GIVE A DAMN!!

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