I really a privet post please… My babies dad broke up with me when she was a…


I really a privet post please…

My babies dad broke up with me when she was about a week old she is now 20 months. I’ve always kept note of when he sees her what he buys her ECT tonight he was screaming at me down the phone because I forgot to pack her baby shampoo. He’s not having her over night but when he brought her back he said he’s taking me to court for custody, he’s see her 17times in her life and spent no more than 20£ on her. He won’t pay for her or anything. Anyone been in the same position or have any advise what I can do? I can’t afford a solicitor x sorry for long post c



  1. Sorry can I add to the post
    He is living on his mum’s sofa and he works 7 days a week. He’s 20 years old and his mum is the one paying for legal help. Also does anyone know if he can change the nursery that I have gotten her into x

  2. My sons dad walked out when he was 3 weeks old and seen him 3 times since then he’s now 3, different situation but he kept letting him down as wouldn’t even let me know he couldn’t make it then 1 day my little boy was poorly so we couldn’t make it he’s hasn’t asked to see him from that day but still threatens to take me to court I laugh at him every time he says it, people think I’m mad because I don’t have money to fight him in court but i knew it was to scare me then and it still is now, he 1st threatened court wen my son was 2months old and reckons he’s still waiting for court date, a lot of people do it to scare the parent nd won’t actually go through with it and even if he does Hun I really wouldn’t worry they aren’t gunna take your daughter away from u for forgetting to pack shampoo when he could go buy her some xx

  3. If he can’t pay for his child how the hell can he afford court?? Also if you have kept notes and he has no proof of giving you money to support child he don’t have a hope in hell of getting custody xx

  4. He sounds very petty to me. He should be supplying shampoo etc for when she’s with him anyway. If he’s not paying maintenance and he’s not had regular contact he doesn’t really stand a chance hun. Do you have citizens advice near you they can offer you advice but just let him have his sulk for now x

  5. IV openly told everyone in my life that if my son’s bio dad tried to even contact my son I’d put him 6ft under.
    I’m actually moving 88.8 miles away with my fiancé (who is more of a dad then the bio one) so that he can’t find us. He’s blocked on ALL Social media, I changed my number and blocked his straight up, IV told anyone that if they tell him where I am they are out of my son’s and our lives.
    I have reason why but realistically speaking.
    You have reasons; he won’t get far if he’s only seen her 17 times. And only paid £20 for her.

  6. Let him try. U shouldn’t need to send anything at all. My friend split up with his partner and they have supplies at both houses for the child. Dad also pays maintenance. This guys an absolute chancer! Xx

  7. What kind of ‘dad’ is he supposed to be if he doesn’t even have shampoo at his own house for his child😳 smack him with the baby shampoo and tell him to grow up and act like a dad

  8. She’s almost 2 and already in a routine he won’t get custody! Unless you are unfit obviously but He will get visitation rights that is all so let him waste his money, you don’t need a solicitor you can represent yourself and just give facts to the judge 😊

  9. let him do it he won’t get straight into court any way he will have to pay for mediation first an u don’t need a solicitor you can represent yourself tho I would recommend seeking out some solicitors an going for a free appionment just so u have a heads up on what will happen ect I’d also recommend contacting the CMS and getting a matinance payment set up he’s a arse so treat him like one x

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