I Trade In My Dogs When They Get Old

As a child I grew up with my two best friends Pebbles the Jack Russell and Chesney the west highland terrier.

Me and my dogs were so close i loved grooming them and taking them for walks and having them sleep at the foot of my bed.

Pebbles passed away when I was 11 and Chesney died when I was 14, each death broke me, I was devastated and my parents said no more pets.

Eventually I grew up and moved out with my now husband and went on to have two children but something was missing I needed a furry companion.

I bought Russell first he was such a welcome addition to our family, I was happy again.

But as Russell got older I knew that my beautiful boy only had a few years left in him, and I just couldn’t go through the pain of seeing him pass away.

I thought long and hard about what to do and decided I would find an older couple who would love Russell just as I did and replace him with a new dog, I then would not go through the pain of knowing when he passed away.

Next came Dexter a bundle of energy a fit and healthy pooch, my heart melted the first time I saw him. When he was eight I was left with the hard decision again, watch my baby age and die or have the ignorance is bliss again.

I Trade In My Dogs When They Get Old
I Trade In My Dogs When They Get Old

I found a rescue centre for Dexter which had the policy never to put a healthy dog down.

I am now on to Princess, the sweetest little lap dog, who is like a little baby she makes me so happy.

I Trade In My Dogs When They Get Old
I Trade In My Dogs When They Get Old

I have received a lot of negativity towards my decision to trade in my pets, but unless you have been through the pain of seeing your dog pass away you won’t understand.

In my head all my dogs are still alive happy and with loving families.

Princess is four now and I’m getting on so she maybe my last dog but I won’t see it out til the end I can’t have that heartbreak


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  1. I cannot believe that someone would abandon their figs in this way, this is the most selfish thing I have ever heard. Your dog may well spend its twilight years pining for its family wondering what it did wrong. If you can’t be there for your dog for its whole life don’t get one. A cuddly toy might be better for you.

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