If He Is Kicking and Screaming Its Just His Way Of Coping

If he falls to the floor, kicking and screaming, because there’s no chicken nuggets, it’s just his way of coping. Be patient, you’ll get your turn to order.

If he bumps his head and starts to hit himself in the face, don’t stare, it’s his frustration. Mum will handle it, she see’s it everyday.

If mum is cutting her child’s food, she’s not treating him like baby

She just doesn’t want her son to choke.

If he ignores your child on the playground, he’s not a brat. he’s just not good at social interaction. he would love to play with your child, he just doesn’t know how.

He may be too big to sit in the shopping trolley, no, he’s not lazy. He wants to run around, but his mum needs to shop. She’s not up for chasing him today.

If he has to be carried out screaming, it’s probably because of a meltdown. Be helpful, open the door. Don’t just stare or whisper. No, it’s not because he didn’t get the toy he wanted. If it were only that simple.

Don’t talk to him like a child, unless he is one. Don’t yell, he’s not deaf. he may not talk, but he can understand.

No, it’s not bad parenting. Discipline won’t help.

This is autism, it’s his life. Don’t judge him, he’s not judging you.


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