If You Don’t Pay Child Support You Are Scum

If You Don't Pay Child Support You Are Scum

If you don’t pay child support, as a man, you’re a piece of shit.


For some dumb reason I have men message me and ask questions in frustration with their ex spouse, my first question is… are you up to date on child support? If the answer is anything other than YES, I’m done listening to you. I don’t care if your Ex is crazy, I don’t care if she spends it on herself, I don’t care if she burns the money.

No good man will ever have a problem with giving money to a woman, he got pregnant, for the children she bore for him. At the end of the day if a woman birthed your child and now has to fight with you to help take care of that child, you are worthless and if you think you are an excuse to this post you are not. If you don’t have 100% custody or pay for child support you need to reflect long and hard. You are the problem. Period.



I’ve had this stupid question a lot from some of you single Fathers and I’m tired of it. STEP UP AND BE A MAN, YOU HAD THE CHILDREN, NOW TAKE CARE OF THEM.

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19 thoughts on “If You Don’t Pay Child Support You Are Scum

      1. Obviously a damaged soul who can only see her point of view. She sums up her deficiencies in the second part of the first paragraph – abhorrent !!

    1. I guess it’s ok for a mother to stop a child seeing its farther and have another man be called daddy, I guess it’s ok for a mother to blame a father for everything and make fusle allocations against him. I guess it’s ok for a father to be left struggling to pay his bills thus leaving him to be depressed and run the risk of being homeless.
      Surely if he even pays something, surely a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing

  1. Last I checked it takes 2 for a kid to be made. A woman has many options starting with birth control. She can also choose Plan B, abortion, adoption,etc. So lets not play victim here! I think children should have 50/50 time with both parents period! If a woman has no job the state picks up the bill for her lazy butt! If a man does not he goes to jail! One sided much? I think if you can not provide then the father should have the custody. Vagina does not equal great parent so get over yourself.

  2. When a man cant take care of himself or others he’s scum and faces jail. When a woman cant take care of herself or her kids; she’s given services, food,shelter, money.

  3. Paying child support is accepting the judgement made by a judge often corrupt bias and 1 sided towards the mother . I dont accept anything less than 50/50 shared care there for i am scum and I am happy to go to jail for failing to pay . What I will offer is shared care my time and in the process my money to support my children . Zero time means zero money in my book and I am proud to stand up against this corrupt bias system and ashamed i live in a society where this bias and unfairness exicsts.

  4. I can’t believe crap like this makes its way into featured articles on the internet. Who the he’ll is this woman to ignorantly and summarily pronounce judgement on so many fathers and so many different situations, all the while she is so comfortably ensconced by a system so gender biased and unjust that guarantees women like her will be taken care of with no consequences for laziness or bad behavior.

  5. Best child support is for the father to be allowed to be in the child’s life. Always paid always will but mothers need to be cracked down on too. If you weaponize your child you’re a piece of crap

  6. I have a husband who was forced to pay for 2 other men’s kids….kept FROM those kids while having to pay child support on top of it all. Called sperm donor – and laughed at, at every turn… Only – it is all about what SHE did… One day – I hope to high hell I expose you mothers of the year who only care about your money…………NOT about those kids. Pathetic.

  7. Who the fuck is this meat head?? Quite clearly an uneducated piece of shit. Go and fucking lie down you twat!!! There are men out here getting their wages rinsed by csa and still not get to see their child!!! What about all the young father’s that have took their own lives because of shit like this. Sometimes life’s not great, people lose jobs. You’re just a fucking jumped up dickhead

  8. My child’s mother pays me, I have custody. She allowed her child to be sexually abused by her boyfriend. She refused to believe her child when the abuse was disclosed. I paid my support and was current the entire time the mother allowed this to happen.
    It would appear that the author of this trash is a sexist POS.

  9. My boyfriend pays for his children and one that’s not his and every month one of the mothers takes him to court with crocodile tears says he owes her so much money not the kids trys to throw him in prison even though he’s paying won’t let him see his kids same with the other mother so shut up u sexiest peace of shit. Women also need to take responsibility for opening there legs and getting pregnant then leaving so that they can get money for that child but they don’t want to share the child’s time so they no both sides of the family. It’s a 50/50 responsibility to raise a child not just one parent.

  10. I have three beautiful daughters and I fight everyday to talk to them let alone spend time with my kids. I’ve paid every once of child support and even gave both mothers access to my checking account. I don’t care about the child support or money, I only ask to see my girls and spend time with them. Yet they always bash me for what I did in the past. No matter what anyone says, I will fight till the end to be with my girls.

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