If You Don’t RSVP To Parties You Are A Dick

If you don’t rsvp to parties you are a dick

We live in a time when we are often busy, many of us drop off our children and rush off to work or running around after the toddler at home, I myself never seem to get a break and am forever running around after everyone else.

So you collect your child from school after a hectic day and are handed a pile of school letters, leaflets and a party invite.

Now what you should do is open the invite check the date and see if you and your child are available and fill out the reply slip or send a simple text to the worried party organising mum to let her know if your child will be able to attend.

Personally I feel you should attend as many of these parties as possible, this child is hoping his or her friends will make their birthday special and would be devastated if no one attended and it’s been on social media and in the tabloids that a number of children have had the heart-break of no one turning up, can you imagine if that were your child and how that would make them feel.

If for whatever reason you are unable to attend let them know as soon as you can, many parties require a deposit for each child invited, so if your son or daughter can’t go they may be able to fill the spot and invite another child.

There is nothing worse than planning a party say at a zoo or play centre and having to pay for a child who doesn’t attend.

I mean come on folks we live on our phones, how long does it really take to send a text, if you ignore the invite or just bin it and don’t rsvp then you my dear are a dick!

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