If You Don’t Wish Me A Happy Birthday You’re a ****

So today is all about me. Below, is what we all put on Facebook after 8pm on our Birthdays cos we like to give folks time

Thanks tons to all that have wished me a Happy Birthday via social media, in person, by post, fax, carrier pigeon or smoke signal.

It means a lot.

Maybe though, we should all be more honest and finish our post like this: ⬇️

To those who haven’t quite got around to it yet, I know you meant to but something else probably cropped up. It’s ok, I’m here all week.

If you actually can’t be fucking arsed or don’t want to, that’s ok too. I forgive you…….Actually. No I don’t. I hope you get syphilis you absolute piece of shit.

I mean, seriously. How long does it take to type happy birthday whilst your taking a fake shit at work? Cos let’s face it. You’re looking at your fucking phone while you’re sat on the bog anyway.

You’ve got 48 hrs or that’s it…..we’re done, you and me.

Fuck you 🖕


Not begging for Birthday wishes. Just an observation of what most people think when looking at FB Birthday wishes at 10pm……or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway. If you wish me happy birthday. It’s appreciated.

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