I’m Being Left Like This, No Anus And No Pain Relief


A lady named Tanya-Rebecca Evans has taken to Facebook to beg for help and share her story.

Tanya said in her post:

This Is My Story..

I Had An Episiotomy.

She Also Cut Into My Rectum & Didn’t Stitch Me Up.

So I Was Left With No Anus After A few Years Of Incontinence. 

Then I Was Severely Constipated For 18 Months. After Months Of My GP Begging Surgeons To See Me.

I Went For A Second Opinion. 

I Was Dying My Body Turned Yellow.

& I Was Throwing Up Poo. 

I Was Seen On Friday I Had Surgery Monday Morning. On 10th February 2014 

& I Had My Loop Ileostomy..

Because I’d Be Left For So Long..

They Couldn’t Just Fix My Anus.

I Also Have 3 Bowel Prolapses.

Because I’ve Had My Bag For Life For 3 Years My Anus & Bowel Needs To Be Removed Due To It Dying. Which Puts Strain On My Other Organs.

Also I’ll Be Having Mesh Stitched Inside Me To Repair My Strangulating Parastomal Hernia 

 & I’ll Be Having A Brand New Stoma.

So I Seen My Surgeon In June!!

& Was Told To Come Off The Morphine 

& Steroids & He’d Do My Surgeon In August. (Summer Holiday). 

So I’ve Had Scans & Now My Pre Op. Bloods Are Fine. 

Now I’ve Been Told My Surgeon Is Retiring In November!! Having A Month Off Then Back Part Time.

 So Can’t Do My Surgery Then.

I Went To My GP & Because There’s Nothing She Can Do She Sent Me To Hospital. 

I Seen My Surgeon & 3 Weeks Ago He Agreed That He’d Operate Before He Retires. .

I Was Rung This Morning. 

He’s Fully Book For October With Cancer Patients. No Other Surgeon Wants To Do My Surgery Because I’m Still Under Him.. Until January. 

Is There Anything I Can Do?!

 I’m Just Being Left To Suffer With Out Pain Relief & Steroids & My Parastomal Is Strangulating 4x A Day.. 

I’m Also A New Mum.

& My Fiance Has To Do Everything For Me..

Please Share Away! <3

Can you imagine being left like this? 

I'm Being Left Like This, No Anus And No Pain Relief
I’m Being Left Like This, No Anus And No Pain Relief

We hope she gets the operation she needs as soon as possible. 



  1. I have a hernia just like this mine is almost that big now. I go to a surgeon at Baylor Scott and White in Temple Tx and he is going to fix mine and do a reversal at the same time . Wish you were able to come to the U.S. I know he could help you.

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