I’m just wondering what other women would do if their mother in law decided to a…


I’m just wondering what other women would do if their mother in law decided to announce their pregnancy!?
I’m absolutely fuming! I’m 10 weeks and we had planned not to tell anyone until either 12 weeks or 16 when we find out sex! We tried for 2 years for this baby and she knew full well it was only family and close friends who know. I just don’t know what to do. I’m sooo angry and I hate my husband right now because of it! He told her to delete it, which she has but still not the point. Who does she think she is! I’ve had no apology or nothing and my husband just won’t talk about it. This happened Friday and I’m still so angry! Xxx she posted it on fb



  1. I was fuming when my sil partner posted congratulations all over my Facebook when we had our baby before we had. So 100% with you on this one. She can’t take it back it can’t be undone but it wasn’t her news to share x

  2. I wouldnt be angry at your husband. Maybe he isnt wanting to talk about it because is upset too. Its his mum you should be angry at, and rightly so. But also appreciate, her excitement may have took over, however much she is in the wrong. Im not saying excitement excuses her actions either. X

  3. My mum told a lot of people before I had the chance and I wasn’t happy about that. She was proberly just very excited! I think if she would just apologise at least then you can start moving on from it! The most fun part is announcing the sex so just don’t tell anyone until your ready to announce that yourselfs. X

  4. She was wrong but it’s not your husbands fault, he’s dealt with it by asking her to remove it, he can’t do anything more really. I imagine he really doesn’t want to be stuck in the middle of an on going argument between you and his mum.
    You can’t undo what has been done but is it really worth arguing with your husband over it. Enjoy your pregnancy x

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