Implant Warning Birth Control

Implant warning birth control

Implant Warning Birth Control

A lady named Kelly King has taken to Facebook to warn others of her experience with the Implant Nexplanon.

Implant warning birth control
Implant warning

” *Warning graphic*

For those of you interested in the birth control bar that goes in your arm nexplanon. DO NOT GET IT!!

Not only has it made me literally crazy! They can’t even find it to get it out of my arm!

I sat in a chair while 3 doctors/nurses dug in my arm searching for it for over an hour. After an X-ray and more digging to come up empty-handed still, I am now left with it still in my arm, stitches, swollen and a bruised arm along with another appointment to have it surgically removed!

The side effects of this birth control include depression and mood swings and let me tell you what I thought I’ve been going insane this whole time! DO NOT GET THIS BIRTH CONTROL!”.

There have been similiar stories regarding the implant  but equally many success stories, if you already have it don’t panic, if you are at all concerned please contact your GP.



Implant warning birth control


Implant warning birth control

Implant warning birth control

Implant warning birth control
Implant warning birth control


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13 thoughts on “Implant Warning Birth Control

  1. I had to have it out after having mood swings and ganing alot of wait well on it I put on 2 and a half stone in 6 weeks wasn’t eatting anything different then want I do now at and size 8/10 but there is a lot of side affects

  2. I’ve got it in I can see and feel where it is no pain no depression no weight gain no side effects at all I’ve had the 3 monthly injection before and had side effects but absolutely happy with the rod implant each person is different

  3. I’m on my 4th implant.had one for the last 10 years or so and I get on great other it.I barely get periods and wen I do they make me crazy for a day but it’s the only thing that’s agreed with me and that hasn’t still got me pregnant

  4. I will never have the implant in my arm again an hour n half it took two nurses to cut away at my arm to get to it yes its out but putvof my underarm mussel is missing

  5. Im on my 4th implant, and its the best thing ever.
    I hardly ever have a period, only a dull headache at that time of the month. My weight is stable, yes i can be abit low in mood but even without it i did that. I couldnt prase it more. But my sister had weight and mood issues. As with all hormone therapy it works differently for every person, its just about finding the right cover for you.

  6. I’m on my second one and I have terrible mood swings bad depression at times and no sex drive at all but I haven’t lost one yet I can see and feel mine iv also lost a lot of weigh and find it very hard to put any on with this inplant thing

  7. Why can’t they make pills and inplants for men.
    Makes more sense to unload the gun then to shoot a bullet proof vest.

  8. I had implant it had been left in my arm a year later because I was refused removal if I wasn’t having it replaced had it removed have had depression and anxiety and now been trying to conceive for 3 years but nothing due to the implant I will never have it again

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