Is My Child Ready For Soilds?

Introducing solids too early can be extremely dangerous for little ones. It significant increases a child’s chances of developing many medical issues such as;
●respiratory illness
●digestive upset
●food allergies
●iron deficiency
●future obesity

When to know a child is developmentally ready for solids.

1. The child is at least 6 months old.

2. They are able to sit unaided for several minutes at a time.

3. The child has lost the tongue thrust reflex.

4. Has developed the pincer grasp which means food can be picked up using the thumb and forefinger.

5. The child is willing and able to chew.

6. Is eager to participate in meal times.

Only when you are able to answer yes to ALL the above listed things will you know your child is ready to start trying solid foods.

It is extremely important that a child is only fed breast milk or formula for at least the first 6 months as before this a child’s digestive system has not yet had time to mature.

Please speak to a Healthcare professional before introducing solid food.

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