Is The Benefit Cap Taking Away Parents Rights To Children?

 Since its introduction in 2016 the benefits cap for families containing more than two children has bought already poverty-stricken parents to their knees. Many parents have chosen to not have anymore children while others continue having children and complaining about the lack of income but is this their right? Is the benefits cap removing their right to choose how many children they have?

Many politicians are calling for the cap to be scrapped but where is the money coming from for large families who will claim large amounts of money for 4, 5, 6 or even more children while neither both parents work?

Or is the cap forcing lazy parents to find work and pay taxes in an already cash strapped state?

Surely it’s a better idea to keep benefits low and make parents go out to work if that want a large family rather than pay people to breed.

Over 200,000 children have been affected due to the benefit cap with more than half the families losing more than £50 pw while 13% have lost a staggering £150 pw. Every family has a different story but surely the answer is to force parents into work, even for low pay rather than the government pay full benefits for parents choosing to stay at home. As of february 1st 2018 45,0000 families have moved off benefits and into employment thus allowing parents to support their families as well as having the right to expand without the struggle of a benefits cap.

Since the cap the debts of families affected have skyrocketed as parents can’t afford to get by many becoming desperate just to survive  taking loans out for the basics food, clothing, bills unable to pay back what they have borrowed. So what’s the answer stop parents right to having as many children as they like or force them into work to provide for any they want?

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