Is the new Easy on nappy pants for wriggly babies advert inappropriate?

Is the new Easy on nappy pants for wriggly babies advert inappropriate?

The seemingly harmless advert shows a baby crawling away from its mother with a normal nappy on, which is falling off as baby crawls, on goes the video displaying a mum placing the easy on nappy, she rubs her finger around the top of the nappy and then slowly places her index finger inside of the nappy rubbing and touching he child buttocks, this is intended to show the stretchy material and the freedom of movement for the infant.

However some woman don’t like the advert and feel that paedophiles and sickos may get turned on or have sick ideas when they view it, one woman added that it may cause people to become aroused and act out their inner darkest wants after viewing this advert.

Do nappy adverts have to show the mother or the father rubbing around the private area, fingers dipping into the nappy and touching of children’s genital area and slow motion of rubbing of skin?

One man said that anyone who sees this advert as anything other that a marketing scheme or an innocent baby crawling around needs to seek out therapy

Please view the video now what you think about it, do you feel it could have been done better without the finger in the nappy perfectly okay the way it is.

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