It Was Shocking How Quickly They Grew


Hello, this is my story. When my daughter was born, we noticed that she had a 2 inch raised circle on her right leg, it was red and very bubbly. I told my Health Visitor straight away and she told me it was nothing to worry about. After a few weeks she developed two more, one on the back of her head and one on her neck (these were smaller and lighter)

When she was 8 weeks old one under her left eye appeared. I discussed my concerns with my Health Visitor again and she told me to make a doctor’s appointment and not to worry. I saw the doctor and he told me that he thought they were birthmarks but he wanted to refer us to a skin specialist for a second opinion, we were then put on a waiting list for a few weeks. 

In those weeks the birthmarks on her leg and under her eye grew bigger, redder and more bubbles appeared – It was shocking how quickly they grew and reddened, you could see the difference day by day.

The day came that we had our appointment. We went in to see the Specialist and he checked Izzabella over, examining all her marks. He then sat us down and told us they were ‘Infantile Haemangiomas’ which are raised marks on the skin that are usually red and can appear anywhere on the body. They’re also known as strawberry marks. Sometimes these birthmarks occur deeper in the skin, in which case the skin can look blue or purple. Haemangiomas are common, particularly in girls, and affect around 5% of babies soon after birth. They rapidly increase in size for the first six months before eventually shrinking and disappearing by around seven years of age. 

He went on to tell us he didn’t have any concerns about them, but if the one by her eye started to affect her sight she would need to have it treated. He sent us away and asked for us again in 6 months, we went back and he was very happy with the progress the birthmarks had made, and said he no longer wanted to see us, unless we felt there was a problem. I was so happy to know they were nothing to worry about!

As time went on, we could see them gradually starting to fade, and shrink. We are now two years on from that first appointment – The one on the back of her head you can’t see any more due to hair, the one on her neck is almost gone but can still be seen if you look hard enough, the one on her leg is gone but the texture of the skin is different from the rest and the one under her eye is so much lighter now, it’s almost gone but not quite yet! I am so happy with how they have turned out, as I was so worried the one under her eye would block up her eye, or burst into her eye and she would need treatment.

Thank you for reading, I hope now everyone had some kind of idea what these birthmarks are.


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