I’ve recently split with my partner of 4 years we have a lb together, we went th…

I’ve recently split with my partner of 4 years we have a lb together, we went through so many troubles together from getting things on finance , him going out choosing to do the “sesh” life and coming home after the weekend owing money out which left us without or owing bill money. To which made me with everything I was manipulated into getting on finance into an Iva, I know I was stupid I kept letting it happen by staying with him after promise after promise that it wouldn’t happen again, the whole situation made me paranoid made me ill we argued more a-less every day because of my insecurities and each time I had a gut feeling I was correct in doing so. I’ve been on antidepressants and anxiety tablets now for over a year as I hit an all time low and tbh the only reason I kept going was knowing I have my lb. I’ve have people involved and helped me get better and the best medicine was my lb knowing he needs me, in time me and my ex was getting better as a couple he stopped the going out got rid of the old and bad people in his life and we started to be a family, recently he’s chose to have the people back in his life that caused us the problems and the weekend life and this is what’s lead to the break up, but I’m in a financial struggle now with the Iva I’m now in I have his phone contract in my name my house and bills to pay for my lb and his nursery and him threatening to take me court to take my lb off me because “I’m mental unstable” because of my past of feeling low he’s refusing to help financially towards his child and the mess he’s got me in. Anyone any advise how or who I go to to get help or advise for the finance side and would he be able to take my son away from me through the courts because of my low time that he throws in my face 😔 x


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