Just Because I Fancy Your Child Doesn’t Mean I’ll Touch Them

Just Because I Fancy Your Child Doesn't Mean I'll Touch Them

Just because I fancy your kid doesn’t mean I’m going to hit on them, rape them or kidnap them. Yes I find little girls aged between 5 and 8 attractive doesn’t mean I will hurt them though, I am sure everyone fancy someone but it doesn’t mean you snatch them off the street or touch them inappropriately, if we did I am pretty sure there would be far more sexual harassment cases especially in the work place.

I have a normal life but have a sick fantasy which I will never ever act upon.I know the value of a child’s innocence and will never harm a child. I see a therapist who helps me to control my urges, I stay away from areas with children In, I do not look at images of girls.

I am open that I have these urges and will never be alone with a child. I know I’m wired wrong and wish I didn’t think the way I do, but I can’t help it, it’s a mental health condition in my eyes, but the pedophiles who act out there urges need to be locked up.

I do not support pedophiles although I am one, what I’m trying to say is if someone tells you they are a non-offending pedophile please give them the time of day, we who fight our desires should be treated with dignity .Each day we fight our wishes, each day we control our urges, every minute we wish we were different.

I have been beaten in the street, I have had to move 5 times in the last 3 years, I am no different to you fancying Tom Hardy or Beyoncé etc, just because you fancy them doesn’t mean you will act upon them.

Sent in to us via email by Neil Aaron Stehle f Southampton

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