Just wondered if anyone has experienced or has advice on my little situation?? I…

Just wondered if anyone has experienced or has advice on my little situation?? I need help 😩
So my daughters just turned 10 months from birth to 3 months she was the most amazing little sleeper she’d sleep right through after about 3 weeks… since then I’ve literally tried everything to get her to sleep through I’ve tried letting her fall asleep on me, sleep reassurance, the moving chair, controlled crying, uncontrolled crying! Literally nothing works.. been put in contact with my hv who’s referred me to a nursery nurse but there’s a waiting list..
but here’s my main concern so I know she can go to sleep by herself as when I first started controlled crying the first 3 nights she slept better and only woke about 2/3 times (usually it’s 5/6) but after that she kept making herself sick where she gets so worked up… she did this continuous for 1 weeks when I decided I couldn’t put her or me through that as literally it was projectile, I’ve really got to monitor her weight as she’s very petite and hardly eats! So after a week of so off and still no sleep may I mention I’m back to square one trying the controlled crying and she started gagging so she’s now led in my bed? Any suggestions?? Thanks


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  1. My first son was amazing slept through from 2weeks, my next son is nearly 4 and still wakes up every night, I tried every technique going with no success, Hv was involved and in the end it was said that he woke for reassurance as he would go straight back to sleep after I put him back to bed!! But the last couple of weeks we have turned a corner he still wakes up but goes to the toilet and takes himself back to bed!! Stay strong and I know it’s the hardest thing to do as sleep deprivation is the worse but we learn to survive! Xxx

  2. My little boy was like this and I co slept with him in bed with me, don’t get me wrong it could be annoying sometimes when he’s taking up the whole bed but he slept so well and I couldn’t bare leaving him to cry. As soon as he was ready himself he just went into his own room one night and went straight to sleep x

  3. My LG was like this slept fine until about 6 months and she’s 2 now and still doesn’t sleep all night some nights takes a very long time to settle her then she’s up anywhere between twice and 10 times

  4. My sons 14 months and slept through twice his whole life. I literally have no idea why he wakes so much. He’s gotten better over the last 6 or so months though. But he still wakes every night, numerous times, without fail x

  5. Thanks ladies I just feel like a bit of a failure sometimes as my all friends babies sleep through and in their own beds. I dread bedtimes! I’m hoping when we move and she has her own room she may sleep better x

  6. No advice unfortunately but just so you know you’re not alone. My son is 19mth nearly and hasn’t slept through, still wakes every night playing up. I won’t do controlled crying, I would NEVER judge anyone who does but personally it’s something I can’t do. But I have tried everything else from massages & sleep sprays to cutting out naps, adding naps, giving supper not giving supper!! I probs get around 4hrs sleep on average a night I went to my gp who told me to give him piriton for 3 nights in a row. Apparently it makes them sleepy and 3 nights is enough to break their old routine. My son already has piriton for his hayfever and even that doesn’t make him sleep! X

  7. my 1 year little old little girl was the exact same, all the hv told me was she will grow out of it and its just a phase she will go throw. my daughter would sleep maybe half hour a time, go through countless half bottle through the night, would cry + make herself sick, fall out of bed. I persisted in keeping her in her bed, just to sit with her, in the end it worked, 5 days now she goes to sleep with a bottle at 9 pm sleeps till 8 in the morning, no waking up no crying. I know its hard but don’t give up xx

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