Ladies I need some relationship advice. I have a 5yearold daughter (not with h…


Ladies I need some relationship advice. 😞 I have a 5yearold daughter (not with her dad anymore he left when she was 1 we have remained friends e ) anyway I ended up meeting some one and things were great he moved in with me and helped a lot with my daughter. Anyway a year ago we moved away to have a better start better school etc but these past 7 months have gone crap !! We have been together 3years and in that time we have had 1 ectopic with twins and 4 miscarriages how ever we managed to pull through despite the heartache. Anyway 9 months ago I got told I have depression anxiety and OCD 😞 but since that he has turned litterly into a sofa !! He goes to work all day comes back and does fuck all but play games he won’t do anything won’t even clean the bath up after him self or pick his dirty washing up won’t even put a sock on the washing line.. I’ve asked and asked for his help as I really struggle day to day to the point where I break down in the bathroom crying my heart out this weekend I managed to go stay with my mum to give us some space I came home at 5am due to pains in my legs and back which I struggle with (still being investigated by the hospital) I litterly took some tablets and fell asleep they was that strong I took them and cried myself to sleep a few mins after when I was drowsy I felt him touching me and trying to remove my bra then he began sucking if you get me but I must of fell asleep anyway when I woke and asked him what he was doing he said I have needs!!! He’s even litterly been in top of me while I have pretended to be asleep so he will leave me alown He’s even started to boss my daughter around too to the point she’s crying and screaming for me I don’t know what to do anymore 😞 my daughter comes first always has always will however o spoke to my friend who came to see me today and explained everything and how he is with my daughter she’s told me she’s going to tell my daughters farther as there best friends which I understand but he’s a phyco I don’t want trouble near my daughter what do I do please help me I need to leave but how when I struggle leaving the house as it is :,( please no bashing



  1. I feel so much for you when reading that, what he’s done is rape! It wasnt consensual sex!! I think you now the answer already though, and there are agency’s out there that can help you get out!! I hope u get the help u need xx

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