Lazy Parents Are The Best Type Of Parents

Lazy Parents Are The Best Parents For A Great Reason

Lazy parents are the best So I’ve been called a lazy parent because I do very little in and around the house, but I do I really do you just can’t see it.

I don’t wash up like EVER, my children do, they have learnt how to delegate who does what, one washing, one drying and one putting away. I don’t work out my bills my 12 year old does our household budget, he’s learnt so much and can ensure we have enough money to cover everything, I have kids who switch off lights and don’t keep the tap running when brushing their teeth.

The kids work out the meal plan for the week and help write the shopping list, they have learnt about needs and wants, healthy and unhealthy and how a balanced and tasty diet doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

My kids can change beds, they can fix the wi-fi when it stops working, add screen wash into the car, use a washing machine, run a Hoover and balance a bank account.

So all this makes me lazy does it? Actually I think it makes me a pretty good parent, one day my children will move out and they will be able to run a home, surely it is my role as their mum to teach them more than just maths and English. Let’s face it how often do we use algebra in our day-to-day life, why are we so quick to do for our kids and not teaching them life skills.

I work hard teaching my children but you can call it lazy if you like. Before anyone jumps on me, my children are enjoying their childhoods their tasks take very little time, they play football, go horse riding and play the awful game fortnite, splash in the pool and are normal well-rounded happy kids plus their mum is always happy and ready to play or go on little outings as I am not exhausted or stressed out and neither are my kids.

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