Hey can I have a private post please?
Sorry it’s a bit of a long one. I’ve been adopted have been for 13 years this year. But when I turned 18 I thought I’d try and get in contact with my birth mum and sister . I didn’t know quite what to say when she emailed me back. Things went ok.. so to say then my sister wanted to talk to me. It just clicked like i was meant to talk to her. But then she wanted to know reasons why i was adopted but I couldn’t tell her. She then wanted me to go to Kent and see her. But I said to her to I couldn’t face going back there and that’s when it all kicked off. I was the shit sister, I didn’t care when that’s all i did do was care about her I raised her for the first 3 years of her birth mum had forgotten to tell her that. Had also lied to her saying everyone was lieing to social to get me away from her when in fact She tortured me abused the he’ll out of me. Yet we put it behind us. I started to slightly forgive them for started Skype phone calls then the past came up. I told my birth mum about I told social that she did something which I’m not going into but straight away I was consided the liar yet again the shit sister the one that don’t care. My sister is 14 I’m not sure what to do… I’ve tried thinking oh she’s only a teenager she will grow out of it but part of me thinks she ment it. Just a hour ago she called me a reject and I told her never to contact me. Did i do the right thing? Feel so bad that I can’t be there for her but how can i? Please help?!


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