Little Angels Strike Again 


Only last month we ran a story on Mums advice in regards to “little angel nappies”. 

Well it appears Asda didn’t fix the issue and anther innocent baby has received chemical burns.

Sarah Rose took to Facebook and said 

This is what I woke up to this morning! I just want other parents to be aware, the nappy has now been sent for testing because it is thought Ava has had a chemical reaction to this batch of nappies and the nappies are contaminated. One batch of Asda nappies have apparently been recalled and I am waiting to hear back from Asda.


  1. Omg . I stopped using these nappies a while back I purchased the new improved ones and found them rubish only used one them went back out been buying mania from Lidl now .these have gone awful crap. Hope ur baba is ok and asda pay for it poor little thing .xx 😢

  2. Thinking of you and baby hope ur baby is okay 🙁 I stopped using these few months back something didn’t feel right.
    I’m using nappies from Morrisons and Sainsbury’s own brands and so far I’m okay with them. What I found about Morrisons was if the nappy gets full there’s a jelly like fallouts not sure what they are if it happens again then that’s it I’m not using them gain however hands down Sainsbury’s brand is better. They are Called little ones. Try them out u get 72 for £6 only

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