Lloyds Banks Texts Are Making Me Suicidal

I know I am poor, I know I am struggling with money I do not need to be constantly reminded of this fact.

Lloyds bank is pushing me the point of contemplating suicide,I dread hearing my phones text message tone, I am a single mum to three children who only have me to rely on and to financially support them.

I have recently been made redundant from a major high street name company who went bankrupt.

I was given £500 redundancy money which has all gone, I made the money stretch as far as I could but it did not last long, I am desperately seeking work and have had to sign on but it is taking its time in coming and I am left living off of a very minimal income.

Every day Lloyds bank text me to tell me how little money I have or that I’m overdrawn, I bloody know I’m poor you don’t have to keep reminding me!!!

I have tried texting with STOP, I’ve emailed them, phoned them, tried blocking the number and been into my local branch but I am still bombarded with these texts about my current financial income.

Lloyds Banks Texts Are Making Me Suicidal
Lloyds Banks Texts Are Making Me Suicidal

I get that the bank think they are helping people mange their money but all they are doing is reminding me how bad my life has become and they don’t seem to understand that these texts are affecting my mentel health.

Lloyds you’re heartless, leave me alone and stop making me feel worse than I already do, if i could add extra funds to my bank account do you not think that I would, I am strugglng to feed my family, I do not need to be told I only have £48 in my bank, I am totally aware that I have hardly any money these texts are not helping me b7yt pushing me to the edge.

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