Long post- Morning ladies. Just wanting some advice on how I feel and If anyo…

Long post-

Morning ladies.
Just wanting some advice on how I feel and If anyone else is or has felt similar.
I had my daughter a year ago she was premature, so as you can imagine things were tough as she was 12 weeks Prem.
she was in hospital for 3 months of her life so was difficult for us all.
I have hardly any family and no friends and I was living in a place where there wasn’t much going on and the only person I saw was my husband.
He works and when I was pregnant I lost my job therefore I was in our house all day until we had our daughter.
I’ve always been very funny when it comes to answering phone calls, making phone calls or speaking to people I don’t know.
Since then we’ve moved again to a place where there is nothing around us, me and my daughter are in the house al day long 24/7 7 days a week, my husband works Monday-Friday.
What I’m trying to get at is, my moods are really funny so one moment I can be okay, the next I’m really sad for no reason and the next I’m horrible, to the point il say things I don’t mean to my husband. I’m very blunt and snappy and I’m always cancelling plans that people attempt to make unless it’s someone I really know.
For instance one of our neighbours try’s to get me and my daughter to go over hers for tea and cookies with the children but I make up excuses. My husband offers me out with his work friends and meals and I say no. Even though I really want to something stops me. I know I have terrible anxiety anyway but I feel there’s something else as I know I have changed, I’m so quickly to snap and it’s like I try and start a argument with my husband
I feel as though I do everything. And when I’ve spoke to my husband he says I don’t do everything even though I generally feel I do, meaning cooking cleaning daily household chores, doing everything with and for our daughter.
I’m constantly tired even after sleeping a whole night.
I don’t work, and I don’t drive in which annoys me because I feel I’d be best driving so I can get out.
My daughter constantly cry’s for attention and is proven to be fairly challenging like any other little one at her age, and her screaming goes right through me.
I’m not sure if it’s a mixture of having a early baby, moving a few times, having no friends and hardly any family, being stuck in all day with a baby and feeling just incredibly low.
Just wondering if anyone else has gone through a similar thing and if so what was the outcome if any.
Thank you 😘


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