Mothercare You Absolute Disgrace It Could Have Been Fatal

Chloe App has taken to Facebook to warn others of a potential danger to babies.

App said “Mothercare you absolute DISGRACE you should be ashamed to still keep this baby grow on the shelves that could have been fatal to my 6 month daughter! Luckily I never leave my daughter unattended at anytime I’m so grateful as she wouldn’t be here today as I turned round from washing the dishes to find her purple choking on the attachment shown on this picture in my hand

It came detached from the baby grow I should make you all aware my daughter was over 6 weeks premature and still doesn’t have a single tooth !!

Mothercare You Absolute Disgrace It Could Have Been Fatal
Mothercare You Absolute Disgrace It Could Have Been Fatal

After returning this item back For investigation I’m advised the baby-grow is fine as cotton was still attached to the detachment and they will stay on the shelves but they will monitor them for more complaints but was happy to refund the buyer (was bought as a gift)

After asking mothercare to re consider looking into the baby grow today I’ve received my baby grow back

Thankyou for your appalling response and causing me so much upset and distress I will never purchase items from you ever again


App has received a lot of feedback on her post but at present Mothercae aren’t taking it to seriously.

One lady commented saying “So Mothercare are going to wait until lots of babies have choked before taking action, I’m appalled they have responded to you like this Chloe, they are meant to be a store to help mothers and babies not cause potential harm”.

Others have also stated that they have this baby grow and had no issues what so ever with it and even claimed maybe  it was just through over tumble drying the outfit and making the design weak.


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