Mum Delivers Massive Baby At Home

Mum Delivers Massive Baby At Home

YOU CAN DO BIG THINGS! Like push a 14 lb 7 oz baby out naturally with NO VAGINAL TEARING!  4 hours of labor, 15 mins of pushing. ✨Rockstar✨

You rock Coastal Midwifery!

“A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending the beautiful HOME BIRTH of this BIG man.

His mama saw a Licensed midwife throughout her pregnancy and prepared physically and emotionally for the birth of her second baby.

During her 4 hour long labor she rocked, walked and danced her baby down, she instinctively pushed in the standing position for 15 mins and delivered all….. are you ready for it…. 14 lbs 7oz of him! She was also able to deliver this chunky baby with no tears.

After doing their research this family chose a midwife to guide them through their pregnancy and birth and were able to have an amazing experience in the comfort of their own home.

This baby stayed with his mama on her chest breastfed within the first hour. Mama and baby are doing amazing.

People are capable of delivering their baby, even when they are big! Way to go mama!”

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