Mum Wakes From C-Section To Find Both Her Legs Amputated 

Mum Wakes From C-Section To Find Both Her Legs Amputated

Not even in your wildest dreams would you want anyone to go through this terrible trauma what Ella Clarke, 31 of Torquay, Devon has experienced. Clarke was pregnant with her eighth baby but she had a condition called placenta previa, also known as a low-lying placenta. Midway through her pregnancy, Clarke was told she would have to deliver via C-section.
Mum Wakes From C-Section To Find Both Her Legs Amputated
No big deal for this mum who has delivered six of her babies the same way. But what happened after labour has changed her life forever.
Clarke was put to sleep for scheduled C-section. The procedure didn’t last long but she woke after six days to see both her legs amputated below the knees.

How could this happen?

Well, a medical negligence cost her legs.
About 30 minutes into her C-section, Clarke’s placenta embedded itself deeply into her uterine wall. 

A complication called placenta accreta caused massive hemorrhaging which lead to an emergency hysterectomy. After five blood transfusions and an induced coma, she delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl – Winter Rose.

Due to the negligence of the hospital, as supposed to be monitored every hour for blood clots, she was not under observation. Six hours allegedly passed without being monitored. This deadly mistake cost her legs – clots formed in her legs and deprived her lower limbs of blood supply. It was too late to save her legs. Ultimately, her legs were amputated below the knees to save her life.

Clarke was clueless about her induced coma. She woke up and waited for the nurse to pass the baby but she was in for a shock.
She said, “I remember the moment I woke up. I thought I was waking up from my C-section. I expected my beautiful little baby girl to be passed to me. I had no idea I’d been in a coma.”
The hospital has apologized for the mistake and is held for thorough investigation. 

Ella has taken legal action against the NHS hospital in Torquay; her family and friends strongly support her battle against the hospital. 

The Life of Ella Clarke would never be the same again. 

A Once active mum is now in a wheelchair and has prosthetic legs.
All for what? A medical oversight that should have been easily prevented.
“I knew the risks of blood loss, but I never expected to wake up three days later without my legs,” Clarke said.
“Going into the hospital to have a baby should have been the best moment of my life. Instead, my world has been shattered. A thoughtless oversight has cost me so much. I will never stand on my own two feet again, and that makes me shudder,” she said.


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