Mum Warns Others To Be Careful With These Shoes

Kelly Barnes took to Facebook to warn other mums about Tescos Jelly shoes, the soft plastic shoes are often worn on sunny days down at the beach so are designed to be worn without socks.

Barnes said “this is the result of my poor 19 month old boys foot!! After wearing tesco jelly sandals twice… this is the metal that attached the buckle on the inside of the sandal! If anyone else has purchased these please be careful and keep an eye on your little ones feet! I thought I had finally found footwear he would keep on! Or not now! “

In the photos you can clearly see where the metal part which holds the strap in place is slightly raised and has caused it to rub on the toddlers ankle causing it to bled and cause pain.

We are unaware if Kelly Bares has contacted Tescos to inform them of the problem, this could be a one off as the shoe could be faulty however if they are all the same many other children may experience blistering and or bleeding, if this does occur we advise that you contact Tesco and let them know.

Do you own a pair of these Jelly shoes? Have you had an issue with them or has your child been absolutely fine, we would like to hear your experiences with Tesco Jelly shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Mum Warns Others To Be Careful With These Shoes

  1. You need to remove this post as Kelly Barnes hasn’t given you permission to 1. Use her photos & 2. Use her name. This is a breach of Data Protection and she can sue you! I highly suggest you think about removing this ASAP.

  2. Kelly Barnes is a friend of mine and she is extremely unhappy that you have gone to the lengths to name her. I see the purpose of you post but what do you achieve by naming her? Another point is why not contact her before writing the post so you can get FACTS before posting? She had in fact contacted Tesco. They have been nothing but helpful. I suggest this post is removed until you have permission from her to use her name. Breech of data protection is a serious matter as Someone above has already mentioned and yet I still see the post. I have supplied my email so if you chose to contact Kelly to ask permission I will gladly put you in contact. Until then you have been asked to remove it.

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