My child was sexually assaulted but the abuser gets more support.

My child was sexually assaulted but the abuser gets more support.

A few years back my son then aged seven was at school, he came home and was very quiet, he didn’t eat his tea and just stayed in his bedroom.

I thought he was coming down with something, a few days later I was speaking with a mum at the school and she said her son was also being very quiet.
I sat my little boy down and told him, he can tell me anything, absolutely anything and I will support him.

He burst into tears, I held him in my arms for a good ten minutes whilst he sobbed his heart out.
When he calmed, he spat out some words that still haunt me today “mummy a boy pulled my willy hard and made me have his willy in my mouth, he pee’d in me mummy, he said he would Butt fuck me if I told, mummy I’m scared”.

We went to the police and my son said who had done it, a child of eight, a bloody eight year old.

The school gave the abuser far more support than my child, nothing would be done because of his age, he had attacked four children the youngest being only five years old.
My son has had to move school and sees a councillor, he still has nightmares, my once happy child is a shell of his former self, now I completely understand that the abuser may himself have been abused or hurt but surely the victims should be shown more love and support.

My sons old school were more worried about it getting out to the press than the damage done to the children. We have never even received an apology from the child, his parents or the school. We are left here alone trying to pick up the pieces.

If you think a child is being abused please don’t hesiate to report it,


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