My dad left just before I was born, I had searched for years with no luck so gav…

My dad left just before I was born, I had searched for years with no luck so gave up. After my daughter was born I took really bad depression and started to search again as I really wanted him in my life…… I tried everything but nothing worked so went ahead and used social media! Within a couple of hours I had a message from this guy saying that he had worked with my dad but sadly my dad had passed away in 2009 😣 i was heartbroken! I continued my search so I could track down his family … went and bought his death certificate & on there was a woman named Doris who had registered his death, I decided I would go to the address that had been put on the death certificate to see if Doris still lived there…. to my surprise .. she did!! She gave me information that i needed to track down my gran , auntys etc however I have now found out that my dads work had gave this Doris woman aload of money ….. this was to be shared between his family …. ( Doris & my dad were not married ) me & my brothers had not been told about his death or the money! Im not really interested in the money if im honest but it really gets to me that she has spent it all, kept it secret from his kids & also scattered his ashes before we even found out he had passed away 😡 is there anyone I can speak to in regards of me & my brother getting whats ours ? As i said previously im not interested in the money but after everything shes done she deserves to be questioned about this . Tia x


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