My Son Does Not Act Gay- Acting Gay Isn’t A Thing

My son does not act gay- acting gay isn’t a thing

My lovely little lad Johan is 6 years old and loves nothing more than dressing up in princess dresses especially his yellow Belle costume and his little mermaid tail.

Dylan loves to be pampered, having his toe nails painted and enjoys painting mine and his older sisters nails, he’s actually pretty good at it, he has a great eye for colours that go and has the patience to paint designs on our nails.

Dylan is a keen dancer and often wins competition especially his street dancing and solo performances, and yes he will wear sparkly outfits, leotards and glitter on his face.

His father has never been to any of his competitions and does not support his son.

His father says he does not wish to witness his son acting like a gay boy, he should be playing football or rugby. Why does dancing mean he is acting gay, what is gay? Gay is a sexual preference not a way of behaving, there are gay rugby and football players as well, and a lot of straight male dancers.

Dancing is a skill, a talent and takes a lot of hard work, so what if my son likes to dress up or have his nails painted etc this does not define his sexuality and there is no such thing as “acting gay” gay is not an act! Dylan is not at an age where he knows what his sexual preference is, but he is at an age to know what he enjoys doing, who knows he may one day be gay but may be he won’t, what he does for enjoyment now will not determine that.

emailed in by Sarah Oldrey of Cumbria

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