My Son Had To Learn To Wee Again After Hospital Blunder

I took my son to the ER at Pouder Valley Hospital because he had a tummy ache around 3am so once I get there doctors asked basic questions then decide to get some blood & urine test, the doctor tells me ” I figure because he’s 2 yrs old he won’t pee in a Cup I will just order in a catheter” so as a parent I trust he knows what’s right for my son … I allowed a couple of nurses to come in and do the catheter, they tell me before “it’s a super fast procedure” so as I hold my son down and another nurse.. they proceeded to insert the catheter I noticed they began to struggle and then they decide to switch nurses and 2 other nurse enter .. (now my son Is Completely awake & in pain) so then I noticed the first nurse was being trained to insert her first catheter in a child 😡 & nobody informed me of this so then the 2nd nurse also couldn’t put it in so they decide to keep try & force it in this is where I should have stopped everything but they kept telling me “Almost got it ” .

My son is fighting them then the 4th nurse comes in and finally forces it in and gets the urine and send me home with no information of how this could affect him as soon as I get home my son just starts crying in pain screaming not peeing running jumping I call the hospital I tell them the symptoms they Tell me this is normal … So after a few hours I decided he is not okay and this is NOT normal I take him to the same ER they see he’s in Excruciating Pain & do an ultrasound and see he has a lot of urine and say it’s now an emergency to take the urine out so AGAIN attempt to insert a catheter 3 other Fail attempts I’m crying and holding my son while he’s begging them to stop I ask them to give him something he should not be going thru this awake he’s in so much pain so then a nurse tries to do an IV and also fails at it!

My Son Had To Learn To Wee Again After Hospital Blunder
My Son Had To Learn To Wee Again After Hospital Blunder

Then they decide to inject morphine in his thigh as she pulls out the needle she cuts his leg with it! I’m beyond pissed then say we need a professional to perform this he needs to empty his bladder and they can’t do it .

As I arrive to the Children’s hospital they call a urologist he comes in and says because of the traumatic entry of the catheter they blocked his valves to prevent him to urinate on his own the urologist put my son down and with no problems got a catheter in so for 3 days my son could only pee with a catheter connected to a bag .. now my son is home but it took a while for him to get the hang of peeing on his own the first 2 days he could only pee in a tub with warm water.

The hospital that did this just sent me an apology letter . For you New parents Don’t be afraid to say No and to try less traumatic procedures, try first all simple less painful options ask questions I learned the hard way as a first time parent I’m not sharing this for likes or attention but to simply save another child from this common mistake we make as parents .



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