My Son Will Only Sleep With Poo In His Hand

My son will only sleep with poo in his hands

My son is five years old he is happy and kind and of average intelligence, he loves Pokemon and riding his scooter and has lots of little friends at school and in our local area, he is doing well at school, his teacher says he his helpful and popular within the school.

To look at you would think he was perfectly normal happy little boy, but my son has one very weird obsession.

My son is obsessed with his own fecal matter, he loves the smell, texture and taste of his poo.

He will spend ages wiping it on his bedroom wall, just so he can slowly lick it once it had dried, we’ve asked him a million times why he does it but he doesn’t know and says he just can’t stop.

My son will not fall asleep without a tic tac size piece of poo in his hand, which he rolls around between his thumb and fore finger, it’s a comfort for him.

His father and I have tried replacing the poo with play doh, even making homemade playdoh which is brown and added scents to it to resemble poo, but it did not work.

We have seen Doctors, therapists and spoke with the school and everyone has tried to find ways to change our son’s behaviour but as of yet no one has found a tactic or treatment to prevent it.

At one appointment it was suggested to place a belt with a lock on around his pyjamas so he could not access his poo, my son did not sleep for two days and screamed and cried, he could not cope without his poo comfort, my happy boy was sad, tired and hated everyone, we had no choice but to remove the belt.

Relatives have said we should just put the belt back on and let him suffer a little longer until he finds another way to comfort himself, but they don’t see the hurt in his eyes and the hate he had for us for doing it to him.

Not only is it disgusting and unhygienic we are extremely worried for his health, he often gets stys and stomach infections but we can’t put him through the pain of taking the one thing he loves away, once he is asleep we disinfect his hands and room, we ensure we clean all his walls daily and are always on the look out for other techniques and therapies but for now we are hoping he grows out of it on his own.


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