NBR but need some advice A few weeks ago I called the police for a friend of mi…


NBR but need some advice

A few weeks ago I called the police for a friend of mine. The guy she is with is very controlling and his anger can come in with the click of a finger. He has mental health issues and is under a physiatrist.

She rang me a few weeks back in hysterics saying she was scared and didn’t want him back in the house. Whilst I was on the phone to her he showed up and so she hid her phone in a cupboard so that I could listen to what was happening. After about 10 minutes or so he found her phone and finished the call. I tried calling her back numerous times but no one answered the phone. I was worried for her as she has told me on numerous occasions that he’s smashed doors in the house and phones etc. So I called the police. They took my name and address and said they would call me back to letting me know the outcome… they never called me back.

I spoke to my friend that evening and she explained that he had been arrested but that he had also kicked a police officer whilst being arrested. He has gone to court for this but was told in court that it was myself that called the police.

I’m so scared. He knows where I work and what times I work there. He knows where I live (I have young children) he knows the car I drive. Everything.

I’m so scared I don’t know what to do. The police officer who was dealing with the case is apparently calling me back but this guy can flip out so easily Plus with his mental health issues and he has a gun license!!!!!! I just don’t know what to do!

Has anyone been in this sort of situation before? Is there anything j can ask the police to do? He only got given a suspended sentence when he went to court and he was apparently ‘really angry’ when he was told it was me that phoned them. Help!


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