No bashing please I am with this guy who I have a 5 year old with he’s always ra…

No bashing please I am with this guy who I have a 5 year old with he’s always raising his voice and saying negative comments to me and our son like I shouldn’t have had any kids and to our son your annoying you and your mom and the list just gos on a few years ago he told me he wanted me to leave and not come back he said he wouldn’t take me to court that we would be adults about it and id have our son for a week then he would for the next week and back and forth then after about the forth time he just kept out son from me took me to court and he won cosdy and I pay him child support after a year went by and we are back toghther and I have been still paying him child support he said he’d drop it and fix it but hasn’t and it’s getting to the point I can’t take his mental abuse anymore but I can’t trust him to be left with out son he is never with our son iam 24/7 I have to ask him to watch him and he throws a fit and let’s others watch our son I’m only supposed to get my son one day a week we have had difficulty in finding a place an apartment we had one but he didn’t pay the rent I am on disability I only get 733 a month but I paid for our rent this month and our car payment and our insurance and he was supposed to provide for food ext he’s got a job he gets about 500 a week but he buys cheep food for a doller each and he has the car for work our son is always feed but I barely eat due to not enough food I don’t know what to do And place don’t put my name out there due to his family always calling cps Thank you


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