No Sex For Husband Until Fortnite Goes

For years I have known I would lose my husband to the football season, when the “game” is on I cannot speak to my other half as all I get is grunts and waving of his arms in response, he cannot look away from the screen and I lose my front room, not that I mind it gives me a chance to visit friends and watch what I want in my bedroom.

Now football I understand he has always been a huge fan and I knew this when I first met him and I have accepted this part of my life, after all its only 90 odd minutes.

But a new trend has stolen my husband, a stupid game called Fortnite, my husband rages, screams, cries and acts like a 2-year-old who has dropped his ice cream when he doesn’t win, and celebrates his “victory royale” by recording his achievement and posting it on his Facebook.

Before Fortnite came along his Facebook profile was full of pictures of us together or funny memes but now he’s become a bloody teenager and its super embarrassing.

I as a grown woman will not raise my husband that was his mother’s job years ago, I cannot send him to his room when he has a temper tantrum but I can withhold all Sex until he grows up and gets off this stupid game!

Fortnite is for kids, not grown men, with jobs and responsibilities at this rate we will never be able to make a baby as he’s too busy acting like a child himself.

I have not “put out” for two weeks so far but I don’t think he has even noticed, this stupid game appears to give him all the things he needs, he gets rid of some testosterone and gets his fill when he wins a game, sad, sad, sad I hope he grows out of it soon before I accidentally smash-up the Playstation.

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