Not Every Doctor Is Right They Don’t Know Everything

This is my daughter Amelia, she was born at North Staffordshire hospital at 3.30pm on 23/9/2017 Saturday evening I was induced due to excessive fluid and spd.i had a horrible pregnancy when I gave birth to Amelia she was purple and could not swallow she was foaming from the mouth the midwives convinced me she had a strider to which I knew it was more as I’d previously had 2 children before.

The midwife then left me and Amelia’s father alone for 1h45 minutes I rang the emergency buzzer as she was getting dramatically worse in her health, an intensive care pediatric consultant came for Amelia and rushed her to nicu where they went on to putting tubes down her nose, at this point the only way Amelia could get rid of her secretions was to be lay flat on her belly otherwise she would choke.

At 10.45pm Amelia had further test done with the tube they tried to suck air out of her belly to which had no success they had no idea why this was happening so they ordered a scan, after the scan we were told Amelia was unable to swallow and that she could have a few different defects and that her life was 50/50, they couldn’t tell us for sure what it was she had and they didn’t know what to do or how to treat it as they had never seen this condition before, I never left amelias side in the nicu all that night they left amelia on her belly all that time with no proper Amelia’s care or diagnosis.

At 1am a doctor came to me to tell me Amelia would either be moved to alder hey or Birmingham to get a diagnosis and fix the problem yes they called her a problem 😡 at this stage me and her father had no idea what to do we were both distraught 😩, a private ambulance came from Birmingham at 3am to collect Amelia and straight away knew what she had they were absolutely disgusted with how they had cared for her, they attached suction tubes in her mouth and oxygen down her nose, when arriving at Birmingham we were met by three surgical consultants who I must admit were lovely they explained everything in such detail they also noted that Amelia’s condition should have been picked up on my anti natal scan and I shouldn’t have had Amelia by natural birth and this could have killed her I should have had a planned birth with them.

At 10am Sunday morning aged 10 hours Amelia went down to have a major operation at this stage we know she has tracheo-oesophageal fistula/ distal esophageal atresia, when Amelia came out of her operation 8 hours later it was a huge success she spent 3 days in intensive care.

While in intensive care Amelia would not wake up this was due to the amount of pain killers and sedation she was on, one doctor of the intensive care ward ordered Amelia to come off all drugs and sedation and to replace these with paracetamol, the surgeon also ordered Amelia to be weaned of the ventilation within 24 hours otherwise she would become dependent.

When they put Amelia on c-cap she sat very low on all oxygen levels and heart rate they said this was due to the 3 days Amelia was on the ventilation that it causes respiratory distress and can also cause bacterial pneumonia so she was on very strong antibiotics the whole time we spent in the hospital.

Moral of the story not every doctor is right not every doctor can say what they have, we don’t have enough medically trained specialists, every child deserves a chance and If it wasn’t for Birmingham Amelia certainly would not be here now.

Credit Abbie Richardson

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