This Mum is Urging Others Not to Use This Product

Jessica Brad Smith's Facebook post has been going viral and it's clear to see why! 


This mum is sharing her story in hopes that other children won’t suffer like her son has!

Jessica Brad Smith’s Facebook post has been going viral and it’s clear to see why!

After a trip to her local shopping centre whilst getting her child out the car the poor child’s car seat handle snapped and he plummeted to the ground head first!

The clearly upset mother took her son to the walk-in clinic when he was transferred straight to hospital because of the extent of his injuries.

Jessica goes on to tell how this is not the first issue they have had with Venicci and wants to make other users aware of the risks it could pose.

What a horrible day this has been wasn’t going to put anything on here but went to the galleries shopping, whilst lifting the bairn out the car in his car seat, the whole handle mechanism (inside give way and snapped) dropping my son head first in to the pavement. We went to the walk in and was transferred straight to hospital. As you can see there is no damage out side it’s clearly the inside snapped! He hit the floor face first from about 2ft. This is not the first problem we had the pram wheel fell off at a month old, just warning other Venicci users as this will be taking a lot further my poor little baby is left with an egg on his head a grace to the side of his head and a black eye and a bad nose what he won’t let us touch! Please share for the people who use there name is aware!!

PLEASE share this to help warn other potential users of this brand and product!

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