Nursery Worker with depression I am a nursery nurse and I suffer with depressio…


Nursery Worker with depression 😞
I am a nursery nurse and I suffer with depression, I’ve taken the hard decision to book a doctors appointment for tomorrow morning but I’m not even sure what I’m going to say – I’ve had depression and low points a lot through my life but I’m now at a stage where I need help, I also have a 2 year old and I’m worried they will look down on me for it especially in my profession as I’m terrified my boss finding out 😞 the people I work with already know I suffer from panic attacks (due to my child’s father being violent) but it’s never affected my job. Just really worried 😞 advice please x



  1. I work in childcare and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2015… honestly your work would want you to be seen so you can be taken care of… and they’d want to be able to support you in this. Being open about your mental health issues is always best

  2. All I could suggest is doing exactly what the doctor says. Make yourself some spare time to relax in the bath with some scented candles and maybe take a rest with some of those scent sticks that you light up. When you wake up, you’ll feel lovely. And on the bright side, your bedroom with smell delightful

  3. Many parents have depression, it isn’t something to be ashamed of.

    If one of my sons nursery nurses got diagnosed with depression (and I somehow found out) I wouldn’t judge her at all. She’s doing a damn good job if she can cope with a class full of children and cope with depression too xxx

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