On behalf of my mother who is not on fb! Can I have a ppp please? My 9 year …

On behalf of my mother who is not on fb!

Can I have a ppp please?

My 9 year old boy has mental health issues just starting to surface (over the last three weeks) attending school is making his mental health considerably worse, it’s near the end off term and I’m worried that by the end off the summer holidays he will not want to return to school and will get more sick, because essentially mental health is a sickness.
His mental health issues are being addressed and a lot off them well most off them are triggered by school, he is not being bullied at school etc it’s more the fact everything is changing and he cannot deal with them! I work the same terms as the school so I have the summer holidays off so I will be able to comfort him and help him with his mental health. Problem is when the term starts I go back to work 4 days a week so I will not be there all the time. I have thought about home schooling but I will not have the recourses or finance to do so! The school are trying to help but I personally don’t believe they are doing as much as they can to support my sons needs. We are waiting a Camhs assessment (they say 6months minimum) and my son visits the doctors once a week to get used to talking to someone. I am at a loose end because what am I supposed to do…send my son I’m kicking and screaming? For him to finish school get home and take all his distressing anger and sadness out on me his sisters and the home? I will do anything to help my son I love him to death and seeing him so clearly poorly is heart breaking, any advice or comments would be helpful and very appreciated, no negativity please,
Thank you in advance x


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