One Night A Snake-Inspirational Post

One Night A Snake-Inspirational Post

One night a snake… while it was looking for food, entered a carpenter’s workshop.

The carpenter, who was a rather untidy man, had left several of his tools lying on the floor.

One of them was a saw. As the snake went round and round the shop, he climbed over the saw, which gave him a little cut.

At once, thinking that the saw was attacking him, he turned around and bit it so hard that his mouth started to bleed. This made him very angry. He attacked again and again until the saw was covered with his blood.

Dying from his own wounds, the snake decided to wrap itself around the saw and began to squeeze with all its strength but it ended up killing itself.

Sometimes we react with anger not realizing we are only hurting ourselves. In life, sometimes it’s better to ignore situations, ignore people and their behavior. People say and do things but it’s your decision to react in a positive way.

Soft answers remove anger, Rough words raise rage. Proverbs 15:1

Credit goes to Doug DeRamus via Facebook

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